Practical Karate in Northampton

Based in Northampton for over 45 years, PJK Wado Kan have practiced Wado Ryu, a dynamic form of karate that is suitable for all. Male or female, young or old, no matter what your level of fitness, you will benefit from training in Wado Ryu karate. Karate that is practical and effective in real life situations.

Develop physical and mental discipline through practise of a true martial art.

Karate is not merely practiced for your own benefit; it can be used to protect one's family or master. It is not intended to be used against a single assailant but instead as a way of avoiding injury by using the hands and feet should one by any chance be confronted by a villain or ruffian.

- Anko Itosu, October 1908

Wado ryu karate does not rely on physical fitness and strength but in the effective application of karate technique and its use in self protection.


We do not take part in competitive sport karate nor spend time sparring in preparation for tournaments. But we do practice a pragmatic karate that will benefit you in important aspects of your life, such as health, confidence and the ability to look after yourself.


The karate we practice is not focussed on consensual fighting in a controlled environment against another martial artist. With the resulting to and fro of long range kicks and punches in order to win a match. We practice karate in the way it was originally intended. As a means of self protection against civilian violence. Where the aim is to stay safe from harm, not to win a fight.


Our karate utilises not just the punches and kicks that it is famous for, but also striking using many parts of the body, strangles, chokes, joint attacks and throws. To become effective we use a variety of training methods and equipment that mean we can develop speed, power and effectiveness within complete safety.


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Wado Ryu karate will give you

  • exercise for body and mind
  • fitness
  • power
  • co-ordination
  • confidence
  • awareness

Karate instructors

We are a small friendly club where you will receive the highest level of tuition from experienced black belt instructors.


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Self protection

Self protection or self defence means many things and should be aimed at not letting a situation result in physical aggression and contact. Practicing techniques and developing skills that are effective in self-defence situations, not just striking moves (punches, kicks etc.) but also how to avoid attacks and disable opponents with locks and throws will benefit you when all else fails and you are under serious physical threat.


An appreciation of UK law (being a key part of self protection) is an integral part of what is taught.


Solo training

A lot of what you learn can be taken away from the training sessions and practised at home on your own. The practice of karate kata for example, can give you a total body and mind work-out.


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