PJK Wado Kan Karate practise every Thursday evening between 7:30 and 9:30.

Children can finish earlier if their parents wish.

In order to make progress we strongly recommend attending all available sessions.



knife defence


Loose clothing (tracksuit bottoms/t-shirt) is suitable for the beginner. As soon as you are ready we recommend you get yourself a karate-gi, the traditional uniform of the karateka.
Karate-gi can be purchased through the club at competative prices.


The club is run by individuals dedicated to the art of Karate. It is not run for profit and the fees reflect this.

There is no annual membership or fixed monthly subscription necessary. The dojo fee is for a two hour session.


 Dojo Fees
£8 per 2 hour session

If they wish, students may pay monthly in advance and benefit from a discounted rate.

Licence and Insurance

Every student must have a British Combat Karate Association (BCKA) licence and insurance. This is £16 per year. This includes a BCKA membership/grading book plus personal accident insurance and general liability cover.


A grading is an assessment of your skill in karate. They are held periodically at the discretion of the instructors, but no more frequently than every three months. After each successful grading you will receive a certificate and a belt of a colour that represents your proficiency. There is a grading fee dependant upon your level.


For more information about gradings click here

knife defence
mawashi geri
First practice sesion is free!