A "grading" is where your knowledge and proficiency in karate are assessed. This takes place in the club with the senior dan grade instructors.
Students are invited to grade when they are ready, so you will not be asked to do anything that you should not be able to do well.
The grading syllabus is available from the chief instructor.
If you successfully pass the grading you will receive a certificate and a belt of the colour that represents your achieved level.
It should be noted that in your karate career, gradings are relatively unimportant and are a by-product of good training. The aim of karate practice is not to get to the next belt. Neither is it the achievement of obtaining a 1st dan (black belt).
To focus on grading and the colour of your belt is wrong.
A student who has obtained their first black belt has not arrived at their destination, they have only just started the journey.

Necessary grading requirements

  1. Gradings are held no more frequently than three monthly intervals.
  2. Students are invited to grade if they are ready. Students are not invited to grade if it is deemed that they are not ready.
  3. There 8 kyu gradings before 1st dan (black belt).
  4. If a student performs exceptionally well, it is possible to double-grade with no additional fee payable. 
  5. There is a minimum span of 6 months between 2nd kyu and 1st kyu.
  6. There is a minimum span of 1 year between 1st kyu and 1st dan.
  7. A junior black belt is required to re-take their 1st dan grading after their 16th birthday.
  8. In order to progress from one grade to the next within the recommended time period a student should have attended at least 75% of available sessions - at least 20 sessions for grades up to 3rd kyu, at least 40 sessions between 2nd kyu and 1st kyu and 80 sessions between 1st kyu and 1st dan.
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